Texas Longhorn


Biggest Texas Longhorn Cattle Herd in Europe

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With full commitment we are raising Texas Longhorn Cattle on our organic (bio) farm in Upper Franconia (Oberfranken). Our herd is the biggest and most colorful stock to be found in Europe. We got convinced by these anmimals because of their outstanding characteristics: Great breeding abilities due to a healthy milk production and high reproductional rates as well as delicious meat. Considering their low demand of food they grow strong and healthy on our pasture land developing excellent meat. Their calm and sweet-tempered charisma excites a lot of people. The large horn and various colors make them even more unique and so we hope to set a fire to our friends and lovers of beautiful cattle and great nature.

Certified Texas Longhorn Cattle – no embryones

It took our partner and us over two years getting the certifications for Europe to let their claws finally touch European soil. Now more than fifty Texas Longhorns are roaming across our organic pastures – having the genetic of excellent bloodlines and being of beautiful colors. We are having newborns on a regular basis but to bring new genetics we are consciously importing new animals regularly.

The Texas Longhorn Cattle is the breed, which helped building America and the American dream along with the cowboys. They survived harsh conditions accompanying the cowboys over long distances to reach new places. In the beginning of the 20th century they had nearly been extinct because their meat became too lean in this time. People began to cross them with other breeds until in 1927 America startet a protection program.

With the founding of the first Texas Longhorn Breeders Association (TLBAA) in 1964 the Texas Longhorn was back on stage. They are again highly valued for their genetic richness, longevity, high meat quality and are used for genetic improvements on very professional farms. More you can find out here.